Own a small business? have a website? Competitors are getting all your customers from Google? Let me do an audit

If you are losing customers to your competitors, maybe their website is ranking better on google then yours. Mention your website and your targeted keyword and i will do a quick video audit to show you how you can improve your site's ranking

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govtcontractorjobs 2 years ago

Hi, just setup a site www.newpoolsaz.com

BoomJFKheadshot 2 years ago

Motorheadstyling.com keywords: "Beard oil" "styling"

qcmaster 2 years ago

PROxOKC.com Carpet cleaning okc Dryer vent cleaning okc Your site was lagging a bit when i was scrolling. And found a few errors as well. Watch the whole audit at: https://youtu.be/FwXOt-v5_IU Get the action plan and fix those problem to improve it's ranking

qcmaster 2 years ago

Checked your website. You need to improve ranking for your website. Good news is your site is currently ranking for some profitable keywords. Check the full audit at:https://youtu.be/8YUF6ud__-E

Stundun 2 years ago

I have a local service business based in Oklahoma City, OK, USA. Im not sure if you can look into very localized SEO or not. PROxOKC.com Carpet cleaning okc Dryer vent cleaning okc

qcmaster 2 years ago

Socksi.co Socks, novelty socks, cute socks Your site is brand new. You have done an wonderful job with the website. But there are few things that you need to improve to get more traffic from google. Your site is ranking for few keywords already. watch the full audit video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxSkPUJgcMo&feature=youtu.be

throw_karma 2 years ago

Craftlove.com DIY workshop Wood signs Painting workshop As an aside, I don't really know how to find keywords to search for. Just guess what people are googling in my area?

moonjazzz 2 years ago

Socksi.co Socks, novelty socks, cute socks

heavensentsleep 2 years ago

Heavensentsleep.com Sleep training, infant sleep consultant

Dry_Soda 2 years ago

First problem may be that you spelled "casino" wrong in your domain :-)

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