Organic Ranking on Baidu?

I am marketing manager for a startup with a Chinese and US office. We are re-doing our SEO for our website, but the Chinese team tells me that Baidu page ranking is all done through paying and organic SEO strategies don't matter.

Frankly I am calling BS on this as there has to be some method to rank companies without simply paying Baidu. I can't find much about Baidu SEO strategy in English, so any high level feedback would be awesome.

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SEOPub 2 years ago

What they are telling you is basically true. Baidu is practically run by the Chinese government. In China, everything you find online is strictly monitored. If they don't want their people to find your website, they will make sure they don't, and chances are if you are outside of China and their control, they do not want their people to be able to access your site.

sampunk 2 years ago

HK based marketer here, baidu is like pre Panda google, lot of spammy tactics still works, get a icp license and having a .cn domain helps a lot, try host within China too (we use alibaba cloud)

j_on 2 years ago

I think Searchmetrics has some good content around Baidu SEO / SEO in China. As far as I know their tools also give you Baidu data. You could tell them what you're planning to do and ask for a demo + their opinion.

Jos3ph 2 years ago

Im not an expert but from my limited experience youll need hosting within china , minimal mixed language content and you will need to pay for inclusion on some services such as their version of Wikipedia. Theres also analogs for Search Console to verify with that require local address and phone. A cheap way to validate is pay a couple chinese seo guys on upwork for advice.

Aaaaand-its-gone 2 years ago

Thanks for the response. We operate and sell in the US and china. We have two version of our website to cater to local language - but its a .com. So Baidu is essential for chinese business. We are in a niche market so want to make sure we are SEOing our key words and get in ahead of our competitors. I have read that Baidu follows similar indexing protocols to Google. What Im trying to find out is how much does organic SEO tactics work on Baidu vs paying for rankings kn Baidu. My china team is saying that everything in Baidu you have to pay for while they done nothing to organically increase their SEO ranking.

steffanlv 2 years ago

Is your site currently a .cn or .com (or similar)? Basically, how important is Google to your business and how important do you want it to be? It's possible to rank in Baidu. Depending on niche it's not quite as ad heavy, spammy, as your team is telling you. MIP (mobile instant pages) seem to be the rage right now. Similar to Google's AMP. In essence, you should be focusing on quality content in a mobile environment. There are a number of quality articles and how-to guides out there to help you with optimizing/promoting for ranking in baidu. I personally, don't have experience in the search engine. The clients I have .cn domains for aren't interested in Baidu but keep a Chinese version of their .com for official use.

ahleksandr 2 years ago

Saved post. Answers on something like this would be very interesting and appreciated.

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