Online Jobs in Africa

I just noticed that most of the online jobs that i see people talking about here are available in america. I was wondering if their might be any that are available in africa

Edit: thank you all for the advice that you have given me in your replies and most importantly those who took time to private message me :)

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ethandenis 3 years ago

Wow thanks for the advice it meant a lot. I'm also from east africa specifically Nairobi,Kenya.

GoneAWOL1 3 years ago

Try Fiverr.com, though I'm not entirely sure I think you can earn with them from Africa.

Orc_ 3 years ago

do you use the pedal? Rev declined me, I'm probably too slow?

ethandenis 3 years ago

How much do you make?

honkhonkbeepbeeep 3 years ago

You know a lot of people in Africa are native English speakers, right?

air_conn 3 years ago

I'm also in Africa (south africa), I do work for transcribeme.com, and Rev.com is also an option.

Nomsheep 3 years ago

The entire continent has only one internetz :( It's tragic

ethandenis 3 years ago

Yes there are, really fast and affordable :)

pmandryk 3 years ago

Just be aware when they hold the weekly in-office meetings. That could costly. That with the flying and customs and heat. Hoi!!

Threw_it_to_ground 3 years ago

Have you looked into becoming a Nigerian prince? Jokes aside, your English seems alright, maybe look into doing some transcribing? One of the transcription sites I do work for has a decent amount of people from Africa. To get you started, there is a noun, an adverb, a pronoun, or an adjective, but it does not show possession. Only the word their (not there) shows possession. Their is almost always followed by a noun. So there aren't a lot of online jobs in Africa but their people are very nice. Hope this doesn't come off as condescending or rude, just trying to be helpful.

omwomi 3 years ago

Faster than the one you have.

Zitraa 3 years ago

I am surprised, I didnt know there were internet in Africa.

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