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Hey everyone, thanks for reading my post! On January 15th, I rolled my ankle REALLY bad. I work as a substitute teacher and they said I am not allowed to work until I have a doctor's note allowing me to work without a boot on. Bad news is that I am not able / allowed to walk without a boot for 4 more weeks.

Therefore, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions to online jobs. Here's a couple of things: -I am TEFL certified -I am billingual (English/Spanish) -I have 2-3 years of experience with office work / administrative assistant

I am hoping to find a job that is not Amazon Turk...I'm currently doing that now. I am also doing Postmates (not that much because it hurts if I walk too much on it) and I also am doing tutoring with a company that does not allow me to tutor with any other companies or programs.

Thank you so much for your help!

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amvstrange 3 years ago

Im pretty interested in scoring assessments, do you know of any platforms that work with such? One of the biggest issues I have with teaching English is that many places require a direct internet connection (not using WiFi) and I cant do that. Again, thanks for your response!

WordsSam 3 years ago

The onboarding process for many sites might take a few weeks. It sounds like you would be a great candidate for teaching/practicing English conversation platforms (like VIP Kid, but there are others as well). I think there are also work from home platforms where you score test assessments (I am under the impression the work is sometimes seasonal). I haven't done either of those types of work, but they seem like an obvious fit for you now or even as a backup or supplement to substitute teaching. I follow a lot o the work from home blogs and communities. I haven't done this type of work because I focus on different work. The microtask sites pay little (though some people can make it work), I think if you have developed skills it is most profitable to try to find work using or expanding on your current skillset.

TeacherJessie 3 years ago

I agree! I don't think it would be considered tutoring either since it's teaching ESL classes, just like you were teaching substitute classes! If you need someone to coach you through the interviewing process, just let me know! They provide all the lessons, and for your interview you teach one to a vipkid Rep in Bejing! :) It's a work from home job and with your experience you'd be at the high end of the pay scale ($14-22 per hour). It's super flexible scheduling (you pick what hours you're available for!) and with the time difference from America to China you'd be able to keep teaching ESL online even after you've returned back to work.

amvstrange 3 years ago

Hey! Its because Im a substitute teacher. Im considered part time and dont have insurance or anything through them. Since I did not get injured on the property, or on the job, they are not liable to hire me.

yanney33 3 years ago

Wait. They're not letting you work because of a boot? That doesn't seem right. My mother, also a teacher, had serious breast cancer with full on chemo and radiation and still worked when she could. I had teachers working with injured limbs back when I was in highschool. That just seems messed up that they won't let you work.

hanlfa80 3 years ago

If you have a bachelors degree, try VIP Kid.

southbound2016 3 years ago

Try LiveOps. It's customer service work from home.

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