online bank for paypal?

I am a swagbucks user and I couldn't redeem paypal. It requires to have a bank account linked to your paypal to do so.

Any online banks that I can use so I could just link it to my paypal?

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r_sarvas 10 months ago

Use Simple.com. It worked fine for me, and no fees.

notaic 10 months ago

I use Barclays for my online banking. The savings account is 1.3% interest too. Definitely worth looking into. Customer service is also incredibly helpful and easy to get ahold of. I have my PayPal linked, also, so that wouldnt be a problem for you.

justlegit 10 months ago

I've heard good things about the Capital One 360 checking account. They have physical locations too depending on where you're located.

Uzibread 10 months ago

I honestly dont know why anyone would use anything other than Ally. they have better rates on everything even than my local credit union.

nd130903 10 months ago

Simple is an awesome bank also

jugband-blues 10 months ago

I second this. I have Ally and I love it!

fxckthehalo 10 months ago

I use Ally, it's online and I love it. No fees or minimum balance, either.

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