Not Tasks? Appen

Is anyone else in the Aztec project having issues getting tasks today?

edit: I meant to type No Tasks instead of Not Tasks...

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taynho 2 years ago

did you do well in the test ?

[deleted] 2 years ago

Same in Northern EU. They emailed about the task shortage.

parchedpixie 2 years ago

Yes Im on the Inca search project and I didnt have any tasks for a couple hours this morning. Really threw my whole day off!

low_theory 2 years ago

Same here. I just got hired Friday and was told in the email that i need to do 4 hours by Sunday. The lack of tasks started yesterday, and i only managed to get about 3 hrs and 45 minutes in. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one having this problem.

BlackCat726 2 years ago

I havent gotten anything since last Thursday afternoon. I emailed support and they just said theyd look into it. Other people are experiencing this as well and apparently Lionbridge workers are being affected by it too.

LadyDucky1 2 years ago

Same here. I've gotten 5 minutes of tasks since 8am.

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