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I am a photographer who began on social media within the last year. (Ontario, Canada)

Usually I do smaller jobs; where there is a small cash exchange. Recently, received a much larger job for over 1000$ for another business.

How should I register my business (I’ve heard of people registering to incorrect fraudulent sites with card info) Should I register my business this early? The job I have most likely would like me to provide a receipt. How do I go about doing this?

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ihopeihavetime 2 years ago

good advice :)

ZippySlim 2 years ago

Assuming youre just looking to register a business name as a sole proprietorship, this can be done on Service Ontarios website for around $60. If you do not plan on crossing the $30,000/year barrier in 2018, avoid registering for an HST number, its a lot of headache if you dont need to do it. Any invoice template will do as long as your business info is on it and you make sure it doesnt show any amount being charged for HST.

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