Need work, new to working from home

Hey everyone, I'm new to Reddit and trying to work from home. I've always heard that people work from home but everytime I've looked into it, I would come across scams and websites that just looked fishy or too good to be true. Just click a button and make $3,000 per week, doing minimal "work."

I don't have years of work experience but I've worked in customer service, medical transcribing, and reception.

I have a HS diploma and graduated from a technical college pertaining to the medical field (which is expired now)

Again, any advice, tips, or information would be greatly app

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spacebound232 3 years ago

TeleTech is easy to get into for phone work, 10/hour I love/hate it lol

Scriberathome 3 years ago

I don't know about Tigerfish, but avoid Rev, TranscribeMe (and Scribie) unless you enjoy working for a fraction of the minimum wage. It takes realistically 6 hours to do an hour of audio. Add another hour to proofread and edit and research names, etc. When companies say they pay $20 or $30 an hour, that may sound like a fortune, but what they really mean is they pay that per AUDIO hour, not hour of your time. That's why it makes those places I named completely not worth it. (And if you work at Rev, there's a chance you won't get paid at all if you run an hour past your deadline no matter how many hours (or days) you've worked on something or if you don't transcribe some meaningless nonsense like hallway chatter at the end of an interview because someone left the recorder on and you get marked incomplete).

EvieBee11 3 years ago

Thank you, I appreciate it

EvieBee11 3 years ago

Thanks for the advice

EvieBee11 3 years ago

Medical assisting.

EvieBee11 3 years ago

Good to know I'm not alone lol thanks so much for the advice. I'll keep you posted on how it goes

EvieBee11 3 years ago

Expired certificate in Medical Assisting

Sheeroh 3 years ago

Transcription is still a great way to work online from home. There are a lot of podcasters, journalists and pastors looking to hire transcribers. Upwork, Rev, TranscribeMe, Tigerfish are good places to check out. Wahadventures.com is also a great WAHM blog for WAH leads. I also compiled a list of companies that hire transcribers worldwide here:https://www.workonlinekenya.com/transcription-companies-hiring-worldwide/

RedditSurferGirl 3 years ago

You are me, and I am you, literally all the way down to the expired certificate. (Mine was in Medical Office Assisting. Bonus points if your technical school also no longer exists like mine! lol) So, for work it depends on what you want to do. The money is in phone work such as call center jobs, unfortunately those require a quiet background that I do not currently have. There is also transcription work, that is where I am trying to get my foot in. You are going to want to invest in a foot pedal or you will hate transcription. A couple of good sites for job leads and more info on the different work from home fields that hire are realwaystoearnmoneyonline.com and ratracerebellion.com. Good luck in your search.

2llort 3 years ago

graduated from a technical college pertaining to the medical field (which is expired now), wit wat?

EnigmaticBlackChic 3 years ago

Hi there! Three helpful sites that I always recommend for finding legit remote work is dreamhomebasedwork.com, weworkremotely.com, and realwaystoearn.com (sorry don't know how to post links on mobile). These sites have job listings that usually update daily and the jobs range from tech support to freelance writing to medical billing and coding to transcribing and more. Many of these only require a HS diploma too so you should be good especially since it seems like you have some good job experience. You said that you use to do medical transcribing. I'm pretty sure that you could find a comapny looking for a medical transcriptionist that wouldn't mind you working from home (that is, if this is something you still want to do of course). Hope this helped a little. Good luck with your search! :)

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