Need Ideas for Jobs That Allow You to Work at Your Own Pace

Hi everyone,

I need a job where I can work at my own pace. I am very slow. So, if there are any jobs where there is a 12-24 hour turnaround, meaning I can have 12-24 hours to get 1 project done, that would be great.

I am not looking to make much money. My goal right now is to make $17 per day.

I have an associate degree if that helps.

Some jobs I was thinking about were transcription jobs for newbies with a long turnaround time (12-24 hours per project as mentioned before).

Besides transcription, I am open to any other jobs, as long as the turnaround time is kind of long, as I've said before, I'm pretty slow when it comes to getting work done.

I appreciate any and all answers. Thank you so much!

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50shouse_wife 2 years ago

I would recommend freelance writing. You could write for yourself about subjects you care about on sites like Content Gather and Constant Content, but if you're only looking for as little as $17 a day you may even find success in content mills like Crowd Content, Writer Access, or BlogMutt. On sites where you write for yourself, you're at your own discretion when it comes to turn around times; the downside is that somebody has to buy your article and you're mostly just doing a blind pitch. Technology and health articles usually do well. Content mills will pay much lower but as long as your articles make sense and you don't have a ton of grammatical errors, you are much more likely to get paid for your time as you are writing for somebody else who has a specific article in mind. If nothing else, it's a foot in the door and can get you more comfortable with freelance writing so that you can take on your own clients and make more money later on. I started with content mills and eventually had enough experience under my belt to become a permanent addition to a website for several years. Hope that helps and good luck. :)

ElusiveLife 2 years ago

As far as I can tell transcription jobs are extremely inefficient in terms of money per time unit. Additionally, the editors are all over the place as there is a wide margin of interpretation for how something should be transcribed. Even a 6min audio file regularly takes at least 30 minutes to complete.

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