Need feedback for an Ecommerce sites blog structure

ing on a new project for a client within a decently competitive niche. Being that the client's primary keywords are going to be the brands he sells I'm thinking of implementing the following, on my clients brand landing pages below the products I want to add recent posts that pertain to the brand.

As an example let's say it was a shoe site, on the Nike brand landing page below all the Nike shoes offered I'm going to include a Recent Nike News section which will display all the Nike News assigned blog posts.

My question is two-fold, firstly do you think this is a good idea? secondly, should this brand landing page serve as the sole category page for Nike News blog posts? Or should I also have a Nike News blog category landing page?

I'm primarily wanting to rank the Nike brand landing page and have no interest in ranking the Nike News blog category. Unless I can use Nike News category landing page sidebar in a way where I can send Nike related backlinks to the Nike brand landing page. Not sure how much weight that carries nowadays.

Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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delaweb 2 years ago

I've done some research on competitor brand landing pages and overall I'd be competing with sites that have a fairly decent Page Authority ranging from 15-25. For a brand new site it'll be a bit challenging to compete for the first couple years. So this method was just something I thought of to possibly send a signal to google that my landing page has fresher content. It's just a thought for now and possibly even a bad idea hence the reason I'm reaching out for feedback. Thanks for your input.

delaweb 2 years ago

Good point and something I thought of also and was on the fence about. I just see that the competitors in this niche have category landing pages for brands that are stale and never updated. I think if I create a category landing page that is constantly refreshed it will send Google a positive signal over the competitor stale pages. Would a blog post on a category page end up diverting a consumer that's in the buying cycle is the big question?

theeastcoastwest 2 years ago

I'd do brand page with company summary/product catalog, and just lump the news in with all other brand news on the blog, since you aren't trying to rank that page. Tag each post with meta, breadcrumbs, or link to the brand page as you post. Having articles + products could confuse Google. I'd take a deep survey of what the SERP looks like for the type of keywords youre after. Fir example, I'd imagine SERPs for "mens nike track shoes" would be full of category pages filled with products while keywords like "best mens nike track shoes" are going to be single articles, probably from affiliate or large content sites. Having some kind of Frankenstein hybrid approach is more likely to get you ranked ok for both, but great for neither.

BillySavery 2 years ago

Im not sure what I think of the idea, you dont want to divert the attention from your products otherwise you wont see any sales. Your product page is your sales page, you try your hardest to get the visitors to that page so to then divert them away to another page will be shooting yourself in the foot. That being said, if the blogs all point back to the sales page it might be an okay idea but I wouldnt risk it personally. Thats my 2 cents.

notWarnerBros 2 years ago

Based on your info I would create a silo structure. Blogging about Nike should be beneficial, just make sure to interlink only Nike posts with other Nike posts. After a while check which post ranks best and add a short paragraph with a link pointing to the Nike product page. If you want to take a bit of a risk you could even redirect the post url straight to the cat page. Another tip you may find useful is to create a popup with a couple of questions for the visitor. I.e. are you a woman or man? Running shoes or ....? Color.... And so on. Based on the answers to the questions you could then give the visitor only product suggestions that are relevant for them. Another benefit is that you could use tags for every question that can be used in an email program and put a person in a specific list (woman, running, ...) and send them targeted emails every once in a while with relevant info and products. My 2 cents. Lets wait and hear from others and create a battle plan based on all the info you receive.

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