Need advice on financial plan

g a small business for the first time and need some advice maybe a little assistance on a financial plan to pitch to investors and/or a bank for a loan. Any templates, classes, or services would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Gah_I_Always_Forget 2 years ago

Check out your local chamber of commerce. There may be a Women's Business Center around... Tricked you with the name, they actually help all people! :D they have free courses to go through and once you do their intake they can set you up with mentors and all kinds of resources. If you don't find one locally look up the SLC Women's Business Center. I just went through the online course to do a business plan.

PeterKitsikoudis 2 years ago

Check out my Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pkin4capital/ I hope to find something useful. :)

LLPBandit 2 years ago

Unfortunately, my family are the ones asking for the financial plan. They are trying to play Grand Wall Street Financier with chump change. A bank loan or a private investor are my only hope for my dream.

[deleted] 2 years ago

You aren't going to get serious investors at your stage. As always; friends and family are your best bet.

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