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Anyone here do Mystery Shopping? I did it 10 years ago and would love to get back into it. Anyone have any reputable companies I could apply to?

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spencervi 2 years ago

If you are looking to Mystery Shop an airline in the US, you should sign up with SQM: www.sqm.ca/welcome. They reimburse you 50% of your airfare.

my_Favorite_post 2 years ago

I'm a big fan of Coyle Hospitality - https://www.coylehospitality.com I have worked with them for about 8 years now. They post things in your area, you spend your money and they reimburse you plus pay. I've had some really good meals and experiences with them!

morninglory118 2 years ago

Thanks! I've signed up and already have some stops to make on my way home from work in the morning.

ejmatherin 2 years ago

Check out volition they list US and international mystery shopping companies.

SubtleChimp 2 years ago

Also an app called Field Agent, the tasks are really easy, just take a couple of pictures and answer a couple of small questions and you can earn from 3.00-10.00 each!

salamander05 2 years ago

I use an app called iSecretShop, sounds fake but its real. Theyre pretty slow at paying but you do get paid.

brsmith77 2 years ago

If you are in the UK, I work for a very well known leisure company and we use a company called Proinsight.

ChillyLizard2017 2 years ago


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