mysite without “www” is offline.. why is it a problem for Google?

I know it’s a problem, but I can’t understand why and now much it is a problem. can you explain why it is a problem having a site working with “www” and not without?

A new site that i saw passed to https and had a big loss in organic search in the last months. I find out that this site redirect correctly both http version, but not the https without “www”. can this explain the loss of positioning itself? Some people told me that and I’d like to understand

Sorry for my English.

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Chjji22 2 years ago

Ill try. Thanks

worldtrooper 2 years ago

was www working before while on http? if it was you're losing traffic not being properly redirected. try on google site:http://www.domain.com and also site:https://www.domain.com are there any results? if so.. youre losing because your indexed site is not working properly

Chjji22 2 years ago

Ok, thanks you all. But can it explain the loss?

Chjji22 2 years ago

I know What is the solution. Id like to understand why is anprovlem for Google e if it can explain the huge loss :) Thanks anyway!

Tannerleaf 2 years ago

And don't forget to ensure that that doesn't end up producing two duplicate websites. One would need to be canonical, with the other redirecting to it.

cyphrrr 2 years ago

no it's because DNS isn't configured properly

MilkFirstThenCereaI 2 years ago

add a cname of www to your main domain. problem solved

Qurdis 2 years ago

Your Dns nameservers are maybe wrong. if everything is correct they should both eork

MincoLesharo 2 years ago

It is not Google it is your hosting service

OptimizedEarl 2 years ago


barooose 2 years ago

Might have to do with the way you're redirecting it.

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