My website was hacked, will that affect the rankings permanently?

I got Japanese spam on my website. I cleaned it up in a few days. It was a brand new website, it didn't have any traffic before.

In Google Webmaster tools, it showed a Manual Action against the site, saying "hacked site", as well a security issues. But after I cleaned it up, it doesn't show that anymore.

Will my site's rankings permanently be affected? Kind of like a backlink penalty can be permanent sometimes. Even if you get rid of bad backlinks, the domain won't recover

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JamesFannin 2 years ago

How does someone prevent their site from being hacked?

jcxco 2 years ago

Google's overriding goal is to show the most relevant sites. If your site is relevant, would it make any sense for Google to punish you for something that's (mostly) out of your control? Just get your site back in working order and carry on.

seomarketingph 2 years ago

Depending on how fast you have clean/fix the problem.

techhelpcanada 2 years ago

Once you clean things up, your website will recover naturally.

warnakey 2 years ago

My website was hacked, will that affect the rankings permanently? No.

eternity_r6 2 years ago

From my experience, it's affecting negatively only when the site has malware inside. After you clean it - rankings grow again. We had several clients which WP sites were first hacked and then cleaned. BUT it's a reason to always upgrade your CMS version and also to do not install any free plugins which are not well-known (for example, Yoast is okay while some other no-name seo plugin is not).

SEOPub 2 years ago

You won't be affected permanently as long as it is cleaned up.

vadikcoma 2 years ago

There shouldnt be any penalties after the cleanup

RaskallyRabbit 2 years ago

Can't speak to hacked sites that aren't already ranking but I've had sites get hacked and tank then recover eventually once I'd cleaned it up

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