My first week working with Cambly

Hi there! I would like to share my experience of working with Cambly. I do have a post on my first day with them here.

Cambly is a platform where native English speakers, teachers or not, are paid by the minute (U$ 0.17) of chat with people who want to improve their fluency and accuracy in the English language.

Payment is made every monday end of business day PST (US), though I received my first payment via PayPal earlier than that. I was able to make U$ 140.59, I met 105 different people and had 853 total talk minutes. Payment was delivered to my PayPal account with no hold whatsoever. Stats and payment proof here.

Pros: I've met people from all over the world, and its just freaking amazing. Some of the the people I helped:

  • a financial advisor for the Sovereign Wealth Fund from Saudi Arabia;
  • a South Korean mom who just gave birth to a girl, and her husband is in the military;
  • A Brazilian guy that shoots satellites up in the air for a living;
  • A Turkish guy who moved to Mexico to work for Nike;
  • A Chinese boy who loves PC games like I do;
  • A woman from Honduras who owns a motorcycle parts shop;
  • A South Korean boy who moved to Denmark to meet his girlfriend he met online for the first time.

The stories are so amazing it makes time fly and the experience so much more enjoyable.

Cons: If you don't set Priority Hours, work is a little dry. These are hours you have to be online, and they pay you a minimum of 15 minutes of talk time even if no one calls you. You also get lots of free trial students who only have 5 or 10 minutes from referrals and don't wanna learn anything, just make fun on camera. Comes with the job. You can turn off and report so they get automatically banned (by the tutor) or just reported. Two reports = ban.

Tips: Figure out the best times to work from your time zone. You should work more hours during China and Japan mornings, Turkey and Saudi Arabia afternoons and South America evenings. I didn't get a lot of hours in because I was pretty busy with another project this week, but I could have easily made 300 bucks.

Charm your students. In one week, I had 16 people come back for more classes after their first one. It's worth it to maintain good rapport and relationship with the paying, willing to learn people.

If you want to get in, here's links, ref and non-ref..

Happy tutoring!


EDIT: A shoutout to tutor Prnay C who got accepted into Cambly using my ref! Thanks!

EDIT2: Another tutor was accepted into Cambly with my ref, Janice Larzelere. Welcome!

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Eddieringer 1 year ago

Did they say you were denied or you just have not heard a response yet?

ExthiousDwayne 1 year ago

I applied for cambly a week ago and they haven't accepted my application

Eddieringer 1 year ago

I have some friends who do this and it seems like a really cool way to make some extra cash. Any tips on video you made? I applied back in October but was not approved.. I tried again yesterday and submitted a video. This time I was more outgoing, used my hands more speaking, highlighted my experience more, as well as made sure my back drop looked better than last time. Fingers crossed.

Baconbombs4all 1 year ago

I applied last August, but was never approved. shame really

chicosalvador 1 year ago


erikmaxwell 1 year ago

do they withhold 7.65% social security and medicare from your paychecks?

Wheres-shelby 1 year ago

Glad to know!! Thank you! In general I have heard good things about cambly, esp for people who do not have a degree.

chicosalvador 1 year ago

Took me a couple of months. Actually I took longer to submit the video as I was working on another project at the time, but after the video submission it was about 2 weeks.

Wheres-shelby 1 year ago

How long did you have to wait until you were hired? I submitted my application about 2 weeks ago. I do appreciate in there conformation email that they said it may take a while because they hire on an as needed basis so that they dont over saturate the site with teachers. Im living in a country where the wage on cambly will go far (I only need to earn about $100 a week) so this seems like a great option for me for the time being.

rumplenater 1 year ago

man math skills so bad lol

chicosalvador 1 year ago

There are students that might require lessons, but the platform offers some structured exercises you can add to your tutoring portfolio. It's helpful to have some idea on verb tenses, positioning adjectives (a common mistake made by Latino or Eastern students) and other simple structures. But mostly, pronunciation is the main request and objective overall, and there are a few exercises available as well.

DiminishedError 1 year ago

Is it as simple as just chatting? Or do you do like lesson plans ever?

chicosalvador 1 year ago

Though I was born in Brazil, English is my native language. I went to the US when I was 2, went to high school and college here. I was not required to prove I was born in an English speaking country. What really counts towards them consider that you speak at a native level is the introduction video. Make it the best you can. Good luck!

SamaelThuum 1 year ago

Hey, sounds amazing, lemme ask you, do you know if I can apply even though english is not my native language but almost. I've been pretty bilingual since like 7yo and I would grade my english above 95%. Do you have to show any proof of having being born in an english speaking territory? Btw my native is Spanish, I'm from Colombia and I am in USA.

SubIiminaI 1 year ago


chicosalvador 1 year ago

You do get paid for any talk time, including trial students. You cannot any any point work on your phone. The tool does not open if not on a computer.

sewinggrl 1 year ago

Do you get paid for talking to the trial students and do you use your phone or computer?

wavyRanger 1 year ago

While it is true that you do get paid .17 cents per minute and in order to make 300 one would have to clock in 29.41 hrs of chat time. I definitely agree with you that it is highly unlikely to work 14 hours and not make a single extra dollar. Look, I'm just highlighting the difference between acquiring regular students and working priority hours. If you have 16 regulars that each reserve 2 hrs of chat time with you a week then you'd only have to work 32 hrs to make 326.40. If you don't have regulars then you kinda gotta work priority hours as you said "If you don't set Priority Hours, work is a little dry." Going based off of the MINIMUM, you do understand that people that pay rent and don't have regulars have to think realistic : Yes if you work 14 hrs it is hard not to make a single extra dollar.. Try working just one or two priority hours and see how hard it is to make 7.50 or even 5 bucks and hour that is why we go based off the MINIMUM !! Don't try to discredit me because I'm not trying to discredit you Ive been working with cambly since Aug its great and all but you don't always make 5 bucks every priority hour so set realistic goals if I want to make 300 "easily" without regulars then I would have to work 14 priority hours a day MINIMUM of $35 or $142.80 MAXIMUM which gets you your $245 MINIMUM or $999.60 MAXIMUM, big facts!

votewithyourmoney 1 year ago

Agreed, $300/w requires a ton of hours on Cambly and cultivating regular students for some time would be necessary beforehand.

DOOKIE_DOO 1 year ago

Friendly tip to you both, you can save posts as well as comments. Right in the middle underneath both. When you click your name and go to your page, there is a section at the top called "Saved" that stores all your saved posts and comments. I use it every day in this sub and have a ton of good info in my saved section for later.

chicosalvador 1 year ago

Yes, I hold a Licentiate Degree in English Teaching as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Commercial Translation, English - Portuguese (BR) pair.

chicosalvador 1 year ago

I'm sorry, but it's impossible to work 14 hours a day and not make a single extra dollar. Plus, I was talking about MY experience, where I did not work half the Friday, Saturday and the whole Sunday, and had lots of messages asking for classes and made almost 70 bucks just today (Monday after payment) at the time of this message. I'm not trying to lure anybody into the system nor mislead, as my experience is real and valid.

chefr89 1 year ago

Your math is way wrong unless I'm missing something. They made that money in 14 hours. So to double would be 28 hours over a week... Not 14 each day for 7 days.

wavyRanger 1 year ago

Just to clarify although you said you "could have easily made 300 bucks" while I do agree that is achievable I wouldn't want anyone here being mislead into thinking it is "easily" done. In order to bank in an average 300 bucks per week one would have to work 14 priority hours [$35] a day 7 days [$245] a week. We're just talking minimum since as mentioned one of the cons are free trial students and not always getting calls or enough calls for example if you talk for 15 minutes during a priority hour you are already guaranteed 15 minutes pay. Now the catch is if you have regulars, as you mentioned you had 16 people come back for more classes. That is where the easy bucks are.

ejis138 1 year ago

Do you have to have a degree

chicosalvador 1 year ago

You won't regret it, it's really great. If you are nice, outgoing and have a sense of humor, lots of students come back. The South Koreans and Saudi Arabians enjoy it, and they have been all absolutely fantastic people.

TurquoiseCoins 1 year ago

Thanks for the info, its good to know some experiences from the tutors themselves. I signed up on the 3rd of January, still waiting for a response. Im actually looking forward to it!

Avondstond 1 year ago

Same here! Edit: I figured it out. I has to be in this exact format: +1(###)###-####

IdoNtEvEnWaTz 1 year ago

Says my phone number is invalid.

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