My competitors are doing negative SEO for my site.

Should I do negative SEO for them too, or not. Now, what should I do. I need experts opinion. Thanks in advance.

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tnorcal 2 years ago

What is a negative search engine optimization? Thats like saying leftward right-turning.

vamediabox 2 years ago

firstly justify the type of negative SEO. They have copied your content or creating spamming links. Check your content here: https://www.copyscape.com Or for Backlinks Check: http://www.backlinkwatch.com When you will get the links. identify the spamming links and disavow those links..

Calveezzzy 2 years ago

If theyre just throwing junk links to your site then the disavow tool is your best friend. No need to be petty and negative SEO them back. Though, if you havent already Id buy any instance of you domain name including domainnamereviews domainnamesucks domainnamescam etc. thats one of the first investments that I have higher profile clients make for some reputation management. Plus you can SEO those sites so whenever someone searches for bad reviews for domain name one of your sites pops up instead of them reading bad reviews about your business.

_Toomuchawesome 2 years ago

wasn't there an update within the last year that said that a high number of low quality links will no longer negatively affect sites? i may be wrong.

csanfilippo 2 years ago

Is it actually harming your organic traffic or rankings? In most cases people building crappy links doesn't actually have a negative impact in my experience.

Muthafuckaaaaa 2 years ago

Username checks out

AtomicManiac 2 years ago

Find out their personal contact information and then post the following things on craigslist: 2010 Honda Accord 97,xxx miles. Moving to NYC for a job, can't take the car. Must sell! $5,000. Free Puppies - (In the description put "Need to get rid of these puppies by this weekend. If they're not picked up I will have to put them down). It won't help your situation much, but you'll feel better about it.

maaseyracer 2 years ago

We deal with it on the agency side almost daily. It is a plague on the industry. I cannot tell you how many times we come up against big brands and then get hit hard with spammy backlinks. We disavow them and days later we start all over disavowing more links. With one client in particular our SERPS are like a yoyo with the linking/disavow activity. My suggestion is to track the anchor text and see if any of it is relevant to your keywords. It is rare, but it does pop into spam links depending on who is doing it. It can also give you an idea of who is back linking you. Take a look at the link sources, and see if they are ever the same, you can disavow the domain if so. We have a backlink task on our schedule for one of our Junior SEOs every morning and he sends out a report if needed. I strongly recommend setting up a daily task. I believe it is a quick look up with SEMRush, though we use our own tools to review spammy links.

AnotherSEOGuy 2 years ago

Can you elaborate a little more on what negative SEO you're seeing? There are (unfortunately) a tonne of ways you can negatively impact somebodies organic rankings, so if you can clear that up first people here will likely be able to advise you much more than just guesstimating!

gmasterson 2 years ago

Disavow. You could also start a digital disruption strategy. PPC for terms including their name, which you compare products or services. Create blogs to fill in gaps they dont content for but that you both provide. Third party site content like slide shares or something similar to dislodge them organically. Add structured data to your site. Begin setting up voice search answers for your site. Google is smart enough to not be outsmarted by a negative smear SEO campaign. Give yourself more credibility and Google will care way more about your good information and content generation than they do about whatever short-sided attempt your competitor is trying. Good luck.

troublemaker74 2 years ago

More often than not their "negative SEO" will have a positive effect on your rankings. I would disavow anyway though, since I like to have some control over the types of links that are pointing to my site.

Rahulkalavala25 2 years ago

Yes if they do such things Disavow the links from Google disavow tool

TheMacMan 2 years ago

What exactly are they doing? I wouldn't do it back. You'll end up wasting your energy trying to hurt them and it'll amount to little. You're far far better off putting that time and energy into improving your own site. They won't keep it up forever (especially if they see that it's doing nothing because your site keeps rising despite their efforts).

GregRainmaker 2 years ago

exactly what kind of negative seo are we talking about?

zoonibo 2 years ago

Is it negative link building from trashy sources? If so you can disavow the links.

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