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his is the place to put it As the title says, I'm working to put a business plan together for a music rehearsal space business. Where I'm living, there is a rather large music scene, with only a few spaces where musicians can rent, and practice when they need to. I've noticed a definite need in the area from playing in bands here for the past 10 years, and there is little competition, as the current spaces are a few blocks from each other. So I figure that this type of business has a potential of helping a lot of my fellow musicians in my area.

My main questions are about zoning and licensing requirements, and how to go about different loans (work full time, money goes to rent/bills, and I have horrible credit TBH... nothing in savings to shake a stick at).

As soon as I get a financial game place, I'm going to set up an LLC and move forward with branding and finding a building suited for the project.

Does anyone have experience with a business like this? I'd love some feedback or suggestions or whatever.


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zacskellington 1 year ago

The hard part with those companies is that finding ones that will allow for rehearsal, are in a commutable area and have access that people need. They're pretty few and far between in this area. Thanks for the idea though! I appreciate it.

zacskellington 1 year ago

I had this idea a while back as well! I am in the Salt Lake City area.

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