Multiple household accounts on Prolific Academic

A while ago I posted about my account being suspended on PA for reasons that I couldn't fathom. Turns out it's because my partner also has an account and we were both completing the same surveys (for over a year). I was suspended for having multiple accounts and she continued to do surveys, which was bad for us because I have more free time in which to do clickworky stuff.

After a couple months of being confused about it, I finally got someone at PA to discuss it with me. She had us send copies of our IDs to prove we were two actual people - and now both accounts are active again. However, we are no longer permitted by the PA system to complete any survey more than one time, so if I have already done one and she selects it, PA will say No Dice. This hurts earnings but since I have more free time, we are earning much more from PA than she was when I was banned.....

Anyway - just wanted to clarify. I could see this being a problem for people that live in beermoney-earning (kratomoney, for us) group houses.

Edit: I had to grovel pretty persistently to get them to reinstate me, they ignored me for months. And yes, I had read the FAQ - but I really did think that if we used different pcs, it wouldn't be an issue.

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theILLduce 1 year ago

I was suspended in mid-to-late summer and was reinstated about six weeks ago. I haven't been coming to this sub very often due to IRL work.

theILLduce 1 year ago

Agreed. I'm not complaining - I just thought I'd warn people who might also run into this problem - I knew the rules but ignored them and it eventually caught up with us. I think PA has a lot of integrity and I've had a bad time doing surveys for anyone else, Survey Savvy and the like.

play_it_safe 1 year ago

Honestly it's good the platform does this. Better survey takers and responses mean more people want to administer surveys on it, which mean more opportunities for everyone.

outsideYourHead 1 year ago

Yes, it's also stated in their FAQs. But hasn't it been like this for months now?

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