Moving into live trading

I know it'll be a completely different game from emotions and liquidity, but I'm really motivated and got my system defined and I'm very confident in it. It's a tiny account I'll be using for live practice. Next week there's a local holiday so I'll be able to watch the charts all day to improve my decision making.

I'll keep a journal to tell you guys how bad it goes...

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jnFamousDaN 1 year ago

Ha, I hope OP's stay is short! Be free and successful!

luaudesign 1 year ago

Carnival in Brazil. I'm only working on Thursday. :O

mrubuto22 1 year ago

Family day? Fellow British Columbianer?

luaudesign 1 year ago

Thanks for the tips! I must say I haven't tested the current iteration of my system all that much. I had tested it prior to a recent improvement, and it was breaking even, tho most losers I could quickly tell that it was my mistake and not the system.

luaudesign 1 year ago

I'll do it! Thanks!

luaudesign 1 year ago

But then I'd miss timing and get bad RR, no?

fxlowe 1 year ago

Welcome to the asylum. I hope you enjoy your stay.

VirileAgitor 1 year ago

Use ur demo account first to observe trades and open. If you are confident in the trade then emulate the trade on live

RedGreenBoy 1 year ago

Keep a trading journal which logs all of your trades as well as date and time and if possible, a screenshot of the chart at the time of entry. Then as you sit and watch the market, you can write down your thought process on why you entered and what is your stop and target. Review said journal on the weekend to learn from mistakes.

kevinfxx 1 year ago

How sure that your system works, every successful trade strategy need proof in some sort of back test results weather by manually or automatically for a period of time at least from one year and more. This need to apply to potential currency pairs, if its good results, thats gonna be real trade with no emotional and liquidity involved. Sorry for grammar.

luaudesign 1 year ago

Thanks! Don't worry I'm just keeping the weekend alive here. I'll be posting results more like a 50-trades basis, maybe.

El_Huachinango 1 year ago

Good luck. Please check our rules for posting in the sidebar and adhere to them; sorry to be authoritarian about this but we've seen that when we (mods) don't enforce them, that this place rapidly turns into a ghost town of blog links and spam.

luaudesign 1 year ago

I'll do that! Thanks for the advice.

apogi23 1 year ago

Keep your demo account open. Don't be afraid or ashamed when you have to go back to the drawing board.

luaudesign 1 year ago

Thanks! My entry strategy is K.I.S.S Supply and Demand: Support, Resistance and Trendlines. Buy low, sell high. No indicators, no trying to guess the market, no candlestick patterns as I'm looking from a very zoomed out fast Timeframe and seeing inside the candles already.

abrasivebourbon 1 year ago

Good luck. How are you planning on doing so?

luaudesign 1 year ago

Thank you, kind person!

gw3gon 1 year ago

Good luck!

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