Most Effective Advertising Campaign?

I recently opened up a dropshipping website and I've begun writing articles and blogs on the site to create content. I've also began running google ads and facebook ads (without much results but expensive), and I'm wondering what the most effective way of advertising a new online store would be. Im really active on instagram the last few days, but are there any other places I would be able to advertise (cheaply and effectively).

I think reddit with handpicked subreddits would be a good place

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veolay 3 years ago

Yes Reddit is the best place

simply_ml 3 years ago

no i haven't been working on that, my site is new. Mainly use instagram but no one writing about my content yet https://kindled.store if you'd like to see it

dirtypinktrends 3 years ago

Are you getting any link backs from other sites?

dirtypinktrends 3 years ago

I would suggest focus on SEO. The main thing that really works is the work that a company does on your site and off your site. I have hired a company locally and i am getting a lot of traffic on my site. SEO is the only thing that really works especially when you have an expert working on your site structure and content management.. So i would really recommend SEO.

simply_ml 3 years ago

I'm trying to build one, I'm most active on instagram since its a clothing store Would facebook be better?

simply_ml 3 years ago

Thank you I have been writing content now but it takes a while. SEO is my primary focus right now

Thatdrumcorpsguy 3 years ago

Have you already built an audience or are you just trying to find one suddenly? It helps to have a little more trust on your side with Facebook since its not search based.

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