Money Making Opportunity through Ibotta App - Free $7.50 and Tanning towel (Or choice of many other items)

This uses the Ibotta app and bonus for $10 back on your first HSN offer. The process that I used is below.

1) First off if you don't have an Ibotta account sign up for one with this link and in addition to this deal you will get $10 for signing up!! ( ref: https://ibotta.com/r/yeodciw non-ref: https://ibotta.com/ )

1) Open up Ibotta and search HSN

2) Click on HSN under Stores and Apps. Then click SHOP. This should lead you to the HSN website.

3) Once on their website look for the cheapest item with free shipping. I found this by hitting the Menu, three bars, button in the top left corner. Then hit SHOP, then click BEAUTY and then SEE ALL BEAUTY

4) On this page I sorted by Price Low To High and selected the cheapest item.

5) Then go ahead and add the item to the cart and check out. The total should be $3.16 with the email code and $3.72 without the email sign up code. You will get $10.45 and $10.38 back from Ibotta respectively. Here is an extra email sign up code that I have. (WE31713EBCEDD314)

Note: You can also get 15% off by signing up for their email list and using the promo code provided.

Note2: If you are signing up for the app today you will get another $10 bonus making the total $20.38 in your Ibotta account which will allow you to cash out.

I use Ibotta for every grocery purchase and have made $36.00 in the last 2 months.

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faariss 3 years ago


nelson2011x 3 years ago

I get $3 shipping added on..

jtww 3 years ago

Damn, seems like a great deal but I'm Canadian :(

[deleted] 3 years ago

The total said $3.50 but they charged me $7, whatever. It's been 24 hours and nothing, it says it'll take 48 hours. I'll wait.

LegendOfAB 3 years ago

OP, are both the $10 bonusses only supposed to show up once the cashback hits your account in however many days?

skiman7658 3 years ago

In the bonus section of the app there is a bonus for $10 when you redeem your first offer from HSN

Tyoung916 3 years ago

on Ibotta it says 12% cash back on HSN purchases. How does that give you $10.45 or $10.38 from a $3.72 purchase?

Tyoung916 3 years ago

Solid deal. I've made over $400 with ibotta in the last few years, my favorite rebate app by far.

skiman7658 3 years ago

It depends on each situation and user. Mobile purchases take much longer than in store since they have to wait for the return period to end. The last one I did like this it took me 14 days to get the money. I believe that HSN has a 30 day return policy but it could be extended for the holiday season. Ibotta is also kinda weird in that my friend and I did the same deal and it took me 14 days to get reimbursed and it took her 2 months.

footballcaleb 3 years ago

Do you know how long it takes to verify the purchase and for the money to show up on ibotta?

skiman7658 3 years ago

I just looked into it. It appears that it only works in the US and Puerto Rico

anelson53 3 years ago

Nice! Email code didn't work but it was only 3.50. Thanks man

RedPandaChu 3 years ago

Thank you! Today was my last day to get the bonus since joining, this was super helpful.

mauricioq 3 years ago

Works on Europe?

svote 3 years ago

Thanks! This is a pretty slick offer and great detail(s) on how to redeem it. Sadly the coupon code did not work, but for $3.72 and then get $10.... I will take it!

skiman7658 3 years ago

You need to use a referral to get the sign up bonus but when you do all you have to do is redeem one offer like this one and you'll get it. You can also get $10 from doing an in-store offer. So next time you buy groceries just take a picture of your receipt and submit it and you'll be good.

skiman7658 3 years ago

Yep, You can cashout with Venmo and Paypall and also get gift cards

LyraOfLordran 3 years ago

How I get the $10 sign up bonus?

ilyasvie 3 years ago

can cashout with paypal?

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