Might be a dumb question but if a website links to your website but uses nofollow links, could it improve ranking if it gets a lot of traffic to it? Or a lot of comments?

Sorry if this is dumb I know Nofollow typical doesn’t affect search but I thought there might be a exception if it get a lot of traffic.

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textbandit 2 years ago

Any mention has some weight

DanielODonnell 2 years ago

I have ranked entire sites with just NoFollow links. If you get a link from Entrepreneur.com, even though it is nofollow, your ranking increases. I think NoFollow is just a scam... I get it, designed to reduce Blog comment spam, and it worked. But to rank well a site needs a natural portfolio of dofollw and no follow links and yes, some NOFollow links are very powerful despite being nofollow.

Boshi_Spotibo 2 years ago

Nofollow tag is saying to any search engine, that it shouldnt be followed. So the link is ignored. It will not improve your rankings but can bring more traffic, if the links are relevant and people will be interested and click through.

Tuilere 2 years ago

Doubtful. The thing about nofollow is that Google can ignore the nofollow if they want, or they can devalue followed links if they want. It's a black box.

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