Microworkers & Swagbucks - Do I Have To Pay Taxes?

Hey guys,

I live in Canada and it's tax season. I just started using Microworkers & Swagbucks last year. Do I need to pay taxes for the money I've made from them?

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Hatafark 2 years ago

I think some websites file a 1099-misc form if you earn a lot, so you could still have to pay taxes.

P3TC0CK 2 years ago

Yup, this. Technically even if you sold something to your friends or Kijiji it's still taxable income. I don't think they're going to knocking on your door asking why you didn't list your 5 dollar income from a survey site.

Enigmius1 2 years ago

Technically yes, you should be declaring that income for your taxes. Realistically, the CRA has no way of knowing about that income and you probably didn't earn enough for them to care. All income is taxable unless it's specifically explained to be otherwise.

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