Managing Instagram Account Separate From Personal?

Hi Reddit,

Recently created an entertainment page, university orientated (things like tips, how to study you know general lifehacks.)

However as I'm quite an anxious individual I want to remain as detached as possible but still manage it from my iphone which has my personal account signed in.

My main question is, if I sign in to the second account on my iPhone will it link automatically and tell all my followers I've made this account or link my full name to it. (That's my nightmare)

Hope someone can help, would enabling business tools help with anonymity.

I know this sounds a weird dodgy question (it's nothing like that) but I'm not someone who's looking for fame or recognition just an anonymous side hobby.

Thank you

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shan_pauline 2 years ago

I have two business accounts and a personal account on my phone, when I set up the business accounts I split the business name into first and last instead of signing up with my true name. You will see suggestions of like who to follow based on activity on your personal account but you dont have to engage with those people, just bc its on your phone it wont tell people its you, and that account wont be searchable by your name is you use the business name like I described earlier.

usamasid 2 years ago

Connect your account to Hootsuite and then use Hootsuite for posting and browsing Instagram feed.

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