Making $ through paypal

Hi i just got abt $100 in my paypal account, so how should i go about trying to increase it? Investing in shares? Buying and selling random stuff?

All this preferably to be done online

EDIT: I made this post because ive been scammed a lot when trading, and want to find other sites that r safe to make profits via trading, so I appreciate ideas, sites and links, and not people approaching me to trade

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Alanazy 2 years ago

Buy cryptocurrency and do exchange trading. You can earn alot in short time if you play good. Best exchange is binance.com Wallet are so many but you need to decide what would be good and safe for you

Iammyjak 3 years ago

Invest in cryptocurrency :)

Enigmius1 3 years ago

Take your $100 to a site like Udemy or a bookstore and trade it for information that will allow you to develop a profitable skill. You'll end up far further along in life if you invest in yourself before you try to shortcut the process and invest chump change in other people.

[deleted] 3 years ago


Yamato634 3 years ago

U know any gd sites?

Threw_it_to_ground 3 years ago

Buy Cryptocurrency.

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