Making money through playing games?

post here.. I've been wondering if I could make money playing online/offline games. I don't want suggestions about YouTube/Twitch, but I was just curious if there are games or people that pay

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trickmind 9 months ago


Egy1Gamer 9 months ago

Any suggestions or names in mind?

quinnmcd 9 months ago

If any game that you play a lot has VC (virtual currency) then you can make money selling them online. Along with selling accounts that you don't use anymore

opiatedabs 9 months ago

So far I've been making a few bucks playing games on my phone with the apps Playbuddy, App Flame, and Fitplay. My iphone broke so I'm using an Android so these are in the playstore I'm not sure if these can be downloaded on an iPhone or not.

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