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Hey there. I am low on cash at the moment and I am looking for any advice on how to make some extra money online. I am not expecting 500$ a day or anything stupid like that. But are there ways to make 30-50$ a day? Or is there anyone here willing to help me getting a foot into the online money making thing? Been trying for long.

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Confirmed_Lurker 2 years ago

Click the word 'report' (bottom part of the post), select 'This is spam', click the 'SUBMIT' button. Thanks.

Arguing6969 2 years ago

https://www.contractxchange.com I got a job taking orders through this site. I worked alot could probably make 500$ american every 2 weeks if you just work all the time. I got another job after holding the first one down for 6 months where I make probably the same to couple hundred more with less time working, about 30 hours a week. Theres also jobs that pay 11.50 american.

mrbabastone 2 years ago

I am a photographer (not pro) so I am good at editing pics and making them ready for web for example. I can translate english-german. But I always find it difficult to say what I am good at for some reason. I am looking for work that can be done from anywhere since I am interested in traveling for a while and it seems like that's limited to people that can code which I can't.

wallofwalls 2 years ago


TvventyThree 2 years ago

What is your skill set? I look for "contract" and "part time work" on indeed.com and LinkedIn and I also search for "X Jobs" on Twitter. Dealing with services like upwork and freelancer are tough because 1) it's hard to compete with people doing work for pennies 2) it's hard to build lasting, worthwhile business relationships. You are gonna find a lot of companies want their employees "onsite" but don't get discouraged and just keep submitting apps.

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