Make potentially good money by selling shirts! (Represent)

In this website you put your own design (be careful about copyrighted material), and put it somewhere to promote. You get paid instantly after campaign ends, and shirts start to get printed.

You don't have to invest anything or care about how will they get printed, everything else than creating and promotion (finding customers and sales) doesn't concern you, but the website and its employees. Website handles all the shipping and provides all customer support...

Website is AVAILABLE INTERNATIONALLY FOR EVERYONE as long as you have PAYPAL account where they could pay you...

You launch a campaign for selling shirt (or hoodie, or whatever product) very easily on Represent. When you sign up you will see easily option that says 'create new campaign', you design a shirt simply and then set price of your shirt (do not go overboard with pricing because no one will buy overpriced shirt). The more shirts you sell the bigger your profit margin is. You can add your vector art images through it, or simply design the shirt through the website through their fonts and similar.


Every piece of merchandise has its base price (let's say it's $12.50), and if you set price of your shirt at $15.00, you will make $2.5 per sold shirt. But if you sell like 10 of them base price will go down (let's say to $11.00, and you will then make $4 per sold shirt).

Also, shirts are not the only thing you can sell, there are also iphone cases, posters etc... You can of course sell more than one type of merchandise per campaign.

Now, the most important part of it.


Best way to promote it is through social media. You can try facebook ads, and invest some money, while promoting your shirts through proper targeting. For example, selling car related shirts to car enthusiasts, and good demographics. Also, advertise them to Americans, since they pay lesser shipping, and therefore they wouldn't withdraw order when they see big shipping price! But, I understand that most people here don't want to invest, so there are many ways to get free traffic, but you have to be creative, or at least have great designing skills!

It would be even more perfect to advertise it on your website, blog, or any social media account of yours where you have good enough following. Just be sure to have a design of shirt related to your social media accounts. If you have like a small person Instagram/Twitter page that is about you/some hobby of yours with decent following then you can easily plug your shirt to your followers about that hobby. Just make sure shirt is decently priced, and is actually a decently designed shirt with decent message.

You can also advertise them on various forums etc... just DON'T SPAM. No one will buy anything if you just spam around it like a brainless robot, you need to find your audience and speak well to them.

Of course, this website is not your classic beermoney website, but you can make some serious cash with it... Like for example now the most sold shirt on the website is one sold by Neil Degrasse Tyson where almost 7k shirts have been sold on a very solid margin (I think he makes more than $16 per shirt right now). It's quite a popular website and many celebrities and corporations, as well as common folks use it to sell merchandise.

You can sign up through here through invite code that I got, and you'll make bonus $0.75 per shirt sold with your first 100 shirts -- / -- non-ref, regular no bonus

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beeonka 3 years ago

Which site do you prefer out of those? Very curious about this as a side gig.

HokieScott 3 years ago

Thanks for this. I have quite a few designs on Amazon Merch, TeeSpring, RedBubble, and looking at Printful. About to make the jump to trying to sell on eBay, but need a easy way to do one order at a time where sales tax & shipping isn't an issue.

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