Make money utilizing a facebook fanpage?


I got a niche type of facebook page with a considerable amount of likes, all organic and decent engagement. How can i utilize it to make some revenue, any suggestions? 90% of the audience is USA but theres also UK, AU.

I dont have enough money to buy hosting, domain and start working on it so i can share it on the page.


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Orc_ 2 years ago

Wasn't facebook now delivering ads on videos? That can work.

Bunkz_al 2 years ago

Can you explain to me what those 2 are? Niche is satirical type. Hosting is 100+ per year. Domain is cheaper. It's a considerable amount of money where im from. I dont live in the US.

GrandRub 2 years ago

depends on your niche. affiliate links. cpa offers. also domain/hosting isnt expensive. 10-20$ per year

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