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It's finally here - Thanksgiving Week!

At AppWinn.com, we have an app offer worth 200 points that can be cashed out for $2 PayPal prize within 24 hours AKA once Google posts your review and as soon as we can verify it being posted.

Brief background: AppWinn.com rewards users for reviewing apps. Simple as that. We've been running since 2013 with thousands of giftcards redeemed.

NOTE: Must be a U.S. Google Play account and review.

Limited time only!!

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anonymouss3221 3 years ago

What if I don't have an android device to complete the first offer? Is there an alternative offer for first time iOS users?

appwinn 3 years ago

Not sure you can review Google Play apps on desktop? Can anyone reply on this?

Grooge64 3 years ago

Can you do it on a desktop, my phone is dead right now

kasyen-2 3 years ago


appwinn 3 years ago


kbs42142 3 years ago

is this still available?

appwinn 3 years ago

When your referral completes an app offer, you'll see which referral completed it in your points section!

Squidward 3 years ago

Is there a way to track referrals? Also, had an issue and support emailed me and fixed it within like 20 minutes, thats awesome!

bbh1nz 3 years ago

You are spamming your crappy link in here and on r/workonline.

Smileitssharon 3 years ago

It shows an image of the right one on the Appwin page.

appwinn 3 years ago

This is weird. Are you still having this issue?

appwinn 3 years ago

In your account section you can enter in your Google Play name.

appwinn 3 years ago

Ah, we weren't aware. That comment has been removed. Thank you!

Plebsin 3 years ago

Can someone link me to the exact app on the App Store/Google Play, preferably App Store? There's a lot of roommate finder apps.

Squidward 3 years ago

If anyone wants to start with 25 extra points (worth $.25 I guess) my referral link is http://appwinn.com/r/ZTU4O

Squidward 3 years ago

I signed up with facebook, how do you know my google play account? Do I need to link it or something?

CrankyBaba 3 years ago

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Sphincone 3 years ago

Used yours. Mine: http://appwinn.com/r/ZTR2U And for the nickname, do I need to put my name in, or the email of my appstore/play store account? I put my email in and there's NO way to change it.

Honkmaster 3 years ago

I went to appwinn.com, tried to Sign Up through Facebook and got the message "Error - empty access tocken." Uh, but apparently it worked because now when I go back to your homepage I see "Log Out" instead of "Sign Up/Log In." Edit: I see another post here has pointed out some bugs as well. I'll never say no to a quick $2, but fix up your website guys! Edit 2: Yeah I have no idea what's going on. I left a review but I'm getting "403 - You are not authorised to view this resource." when I try to go to the Account page on the website or submit the review.

Toddcraft 3 years ago

I've left a review.

Hi_Im_Noctis 3 years ago

Just read what I just commented, it's a step by step guide to fixing this issue!

Marryuana 3 years ago

Ive downloaded the Android app and reviewed but it keeps telling me my itunes nickname has already participated. I didnt use iTunes and have never used this app before.

Hi_Im_Noctis 3 years ago

Okay, so I made an account on the site, downloaded the app, and attempted to submit a review, but I keep getting an error that says "This iTunes username is already in use", which is odd because I'm on Android. Also, it may be a typo, but in the store, it says that you're redeeming 200 points for $1 in PayPal? Edit: Okay, this is REALLY unintuitive, but I figured out how to fully set up your account. Click create an account, and do email or Facebook. Once you're logged in, you have to set up your Username for iOS and Android, even if you only have of one them. Otherwise the server gets an error when you submit a task, as it treats the empty box as an actual variable. To do this, click "view desktop version" if you're on mobile, since the mobile site doesn't even work. Next, click edit in the top right corner of the box before you type in. ( Honestly, I have no idea why you can type in the box and click the update button before clicking Edit in the first place, but I didn't make the site!) Click the offer and search for the app icon in the app store yourself. (Clicking on the provided link to do the offer just takes you back to the home page for some reason ) Test the app and write an honest review. This doesn't have to be 5 stars, which is a plus for sites like this! NOTE: your App Store/ Google Play account MUST have the same username as in your profile to get credited. There is a referral program, so if anyone is willing to use my link, here it is! -^ I'll update this post when I get paid. http://appwinn.com/r/ZT414

appwinn 3 years ago

We might expand in the future, but at this time concentrating on the U.S. market. Thanks for checking though!

CrypticKaxar 3 years ago

Are you going to be expanding to other countries any time? I'm from New Zealand.

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