Looking to make extra money on the side

I currently work full time and I'm looking to earn a little extra online. Just simple work. Is there any recommendations? I know there is UserTesting but are there anymore?

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vivajoanne 2 years ago

Hey there so as long as youre from the USA or Canada and you have a bachelors degree then you qualify. The students are Chinese and are well behaved and either dont know English or are on a higher level and can read and write. When you get hired you can teach lower level students, higher or both. Each class is 25 min long.

seasexual 2 years ago

Hello, can you tell me if you need to know another language for that? Do they care what your degree is in? Thanks :)

vivajoanne 2 years ago

If you live in the east coast US, then VIPKID would be great. If you don't mind working overnight shifts then it can also work in pacific time. I am from California, but temporarily living with my husband in England. I started working for VIPKID mid October so I could have some money while traveling. VIPKID is a Chinese company that focuses on teaching children ESL (English as a second language). You do need a bachelor's degree, but all they asked for was a photo of mine, so I'm not sure how rigorously they check for backgrounds. Their system is kind of like skype. You go to their teacher portal, open up a classroom and teach for 25 minutes each class. I get paid $10 a class so $20/hr. I teach about 45 classes a week and get $1700/month. Here is my referral link if you're interested :) https://t.vipkid.com.cn/?refereeId=8691507&refersourceid=a01

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