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I used to work for a site known as hirewriters, which I will admit, it is not the best site to work for, but it does pay. Even if it is a bit glitchy as well as outdated. Unfortunately, whenever I tend to look for sites that are similar in both differing pay rates and finding a direct client, I seem to be out of luck. I have found many sites that offer different jobs, but those lead to external sites. I also have not obtained a debit card yet, so I am unable to test the waters with frreelancer, although I hope to do soon. What are some of the best and most reliable sites where I can directly find jobs and submit in work to various clients, and be able to receive payments through paypal.

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galaxycritic 2 years ago

I just made a peopleperhour account, would you have any specific advice for me to get started successfully while using the site?

RobertKafadar 2 years ago

I like websites that post projects so you dont have to spend 1 year developing a profile and relationship with big fish clients with constant work. And elance and people per hour are only two I know of. Even though your long term goal should be to develop long term clients. This is why you never abandon your second job. It takes to long to develop steady income even if we are talking 100 eur/USD a week. Everything else demands impressive portfolio of high quality work published on monthly basis.

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