Looking for an android app that I can get people's signatures with

ical transportation business, and I need a signature from every passenger I pick up and drop off. Is there an app that I can make a template sheet from and pull it up for them to sign with a stylus every time I need it?

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abbyhill3999 1 year ago

I guess HelloSign is quite fit for your requirement.

thesaltedmatt 1 year ago

We've been using HelloSign for a while and I much prefer it to Docusign. It's cleaner and more user friendly for the signers.

ben10albrit 1 year ago

Field2Base. Will allow you to work offline and you don't have to create a new form. You can just use your existing sheet as the background image. Their digital signature capture is also legally-binding.

mrsheroicline 1 year ago


mattsl 1 year ago

The basic, free Adobe Reader does this.

boston_shua 1 year ago

does HelloSign work?

stmack 1 year ago

Adobe Sign maybe? Looks like there's quite a few other alternatives out there. Sorry, haven't used any so can't actually suggest any but just trying to get you started.

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