looking for a job o earn some money on internet, any help?

Hi folks!, im from venezuela, im an university student and i need to earn a little money here, to pay my expenses and survive to the financial caotic crisis ruling my country, if anyone know how to earn atleast 70 bucks per month, i would be very thankfull if you can share that information to me :)

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solidmedusa 3 years ago

but do i need to obey an schedule to get my payment? or i can work by myself at the hour that im available?

solidmedusa 3 years ago

i know many things about medicine, actually im a med student, currently in my lasted years, i could give support to initial med students, but as i see internet would pay me more than my university, the only problem is im out of time every moment, anyways with 100 bucks per month is a decent amount to live here, if i can get more of that would be better!, im noob in the field of internet jobs

EngagingFears 3 years ago

Bro you can easily make $70 USD per week. Many jobs posted here pay upwards of $10 per hour

o_my_dog 3 years ago

Try usertesting.com. If you stay logged in it will show you new tests as they are posted.

_nur 3 years ago

try yours.org

frindlerta 3 years ago

Maybe try something like surveyjunkie.com? I'm not entirely sure if it works out of the US but it's worth a try to check it out.

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