Looking for a decent work-from-home job!


I have terrible agoraphobia/anxiety I've been working on and working from home until I graduate with my bachelor's this winter seems to be the best option. I tried applying to KellyConnect for chat support, but they said they decided to pass at this time (almost immediately after I submitted), which seems surprising, since I've worked for Amazon from home, a call center, and a couple of other customer service jobs.

I would really like to find something in chat support, since I type very quickly and, I'd like to think, coherently. It would be a good fit, I think. Otherwise, I am also very willing to do phone support or anything else that pays a livable wage. I have some tuition and other bills to pay, so a real wage is necessary.

Any help is so appreciated!

Thanks! :)

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deh707 1 year ago

What state are you in?

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