Location Issue for Small Service Business

Hi all,

Any ideas here?

Taken over BD work for a small firm in a competitive space and started some small time SEO, claiming and removing duplicate listings, getting website ready for a blog, not my area really, but hasn't been done so getting stuck in.

Company has had no traffic and lists on second page for most terms. (But want an increase) My problem is the location now. We are outside of town and have at least 3 competitors between us and any population centre. (Dammit)

Just realised SEO adventures might be a waste if time if we are constantly under competitors closer to the people searching. :(

Anyone got a fix, or been in this situation?

I don't want to just write up a post office box, g st reported and lose the traffic.

Already, working on the following Improving ratings on all platforms. (From actual clients) google, yelp etc Gunning it on social media (with no duplicate content) Regular updates to site and all the other checkboxes I can think of. Looking into paid listings (but that can't be long term)

Horrible thing is that 90% of the time we are actually a service business that goes to the client!

Thanks :)

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warnakey 2 years ago

I would get a remote office in the city you want to do business in primarily, then switch your Google My Business, Apple Maps, Bing and other maps to this new location, along with unselecting that "I serve customers at my business address" box in GMB. That should do the trick in a few months hopefully.

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