Lionbridge Internet assessor; search engine evaluator job, I am loving this job

But I am in dark on more information about this, I dont know one day they will just remove me. I am loving this job and want to stay in this, Please share your experiences with lionbridge.

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DQEight 3 years ago

Any tips to getting started or hired? December 2017 was a wild ride for me, got hospitalized, fired from my previous WAH job, and then fell into a hole of depression. I've got many bills just piling up and I'm not sure I'll ever really be physically fit enough for labor type work. Do I just go to the website and hope for the best?

littledomdom1 3 years ago

Ive been a Search Ad Evaluator for Appen for the last 4 months - I really like it and the pay is very good in my region (Scandinavia) :) I hope I get to keep it for a long time but Im in constant fear they will drop me even tho I believe my ratings are good and I take the job very seriously. Make sure you do your best during the tasks they label as training. Im sure they track the results from them and I think a lot of people just blast through them not paying attention as the training is unpaid.

saichandred 3 years ago

I didnt work much for free, In the beginning to prepare guidelines and write exams was the only extra time I spent on this for free. I dont mind that much time. considering the pay which is above average here in India.

saichandred 3 years ago

Do it at work!

tellMyBossHesWrong 3 years ago

How's raterlabs?

tellMyBossHesWrong 3 years ago

Prepare to do a lot of work for free, and then to be fired out of no where for "low-quality" from someone who doesn't even know to hyphenate low-quality"

saichandred 3 years ago

I will anyways be online and keep browsing internet, now I am getting something out of it and my other job did not give me the satisfaction and passion this thing is doing.

HoneymoonMassacre 3 years ago

I'm with Raterlabs which, from my understanding, is pretty similar. The work is at least. I've been with them for 2 years and I still feel like I never know if the next month I'll have a job. I will say I feel much more confident with the job now, though. The first 9 months I felt like I was still learning quite a bit. It was very very overwhelming in the beginning. I never thought I'd get the hang of it. You start to understand the patterns and grasp the guidelines much better once you've been doing it a while.

banban0215 3 years ago

Is this job flexible? Can someone who works 8-5 desk job be able to do it at work?

PotheadPotter 3 years ago

What do you like about it? Im in the process of getting the paperwork done with them and its been a bit of a hassle at one or two points so far. Seems like its not a gig folks keep for a long time but Im going to try it anyways.

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