Leveraging press releases for SEO

Are there any good ways to leverage press releases for SEO. For instance if you actually have news that is somewhat interesting is there a way to use a press release to get dofollow back links?

Any good resources appreciated

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ExpertBradSEO 2 years ago

Saw a press release pop today for seo Expert. Maybe have just been a google anomaly but was interesting.

frshtrx 2 years ago

Bottom line - well crafted PR works towards indirect SEO gains, not necessarily direct gains.

theeastcoastwest 2 years ago

Press releases are effective when they are sharing something that writers are going to be interested in. The actual links are pretty , but the exposure can, given adequately interesting news, be an efficient way to get natural links from solid editorial sources. A really great article is usually still not very good to source a press release from. Things like market analysis reports, survey data, or really PR-friendly announcements have much higher success rates in my experience. Sometimes dropping a few hundred on a quality press release can be a nice jump start to a content marketing campaign. Other times, its just a couple hundred bucks down the .

steffanlv 2 years ago

PRNews, PR Newswire still works, yes. Reportedly, not quite as well as in past years. Over the years i've picked up dozens of submission sites/services that help get my content picked up. It's not necessarily enough to just bank on your content getting picked up because it is "really newsworthy". There's a lot of sites trying to get their quality content picked up too. You definitely want to introduce yourself to and help grow your "brand advocates". The more people who are aware of your site/content and like your goods and services, the better. There's a reason why companies pay good money to marketing people who are excellent at social outreach and can create marketing content that entices viewers to click and learn more about your product/service. Because it works.

TheMacMan 2 years ago

Press releases don't work well for SEO. Google is aware of the tactic and understands it's a press release with the same content posted over and over again so they don't give it credit. The links are almost certainly nofollow also. Additionally, press release sites knock off the links after a short time. People have tried using press release as a ways to get links for years. It's completely understandable that they'd not let them be a way of link spamming for a couple hundred dollars.

ATShock 2 years ago

If it's really newsworthy, it should get picked up naturally. I'd probably try and network with a few writers who cover the topic/industry and share it with them directly as well

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