Just passed the qualification quizzes at Appen, where am I supposed to work?? Keyword Intent.

passed 2 quizzes at Appen and they said I can start working now. Basically I logged in to Appen Global and acknowledged all documents. One of them was titled "SDAT instructions" which told me how to report my work hours. It just said that i log in to SDAT (it was the first time I heard of SDAT) and gave me a link. But I don't have any login details of SDAT, tried my appen global details but nope. How do I log in to SDAT?

Also, on Appen Global, there's a box titled "Keyword Intent (STEP 1)" (which I presume is the project I'm on) which has a button "Work Page". When I click on it it says there's no tasks available and then refreshes.

It's my first time working online. Can anybody please help me and tell me where I'm supposed to go? There's no tasks at Appen Global and I can't log in to SDAT. I've acknowledged all required documents. If discussing these things is not allowed, could someone PM me? Thank you.

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sufftragette 2 years ago

Is anyone still on this project? I have been doing it since May 2017.

arvene 2 years ago

how did you get into that project? and this is a social media evaluator or web search evaluator kind of work? thank you!

Billybobby0111 2 years ago

Also, do you get tasks on Appen Global (global.appen.com) or the SDAT site (something like sdat-ext.amazon.com)?

Billybobby0111 2 years ago

India, and $3/hour. How do I contact him? I did email to cardinalsupport@appen.com, should I email him too? Thanks for replying!

tom_brook 2 years ago

Well, im in the keyword intent project for the german market since 2 years and it changed alot. Normally the work is available in the first week of the month and last about a week. The current project manager is pretty good, he(John Paul) responses within 1-2 days. Just email him, he is very helpful. Whats your payrate and what market are you?

chaithoo 2 years ago

Hey, don't worry. They will get back to you with details about tool which you are going to work and their login credentials along with instructions of what needs to be done while you are on that particular project.

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