Just Dropped From Spot 3 (for years) To Page 3...

I am running AdWords as well and have been noticing some recent difficulty there getting any success with my main search term. Coincidentally (or not), my website is also designed to target this specific search term. It’s a competitive 4 word phrase with location modifier so really more like a 5 word long tail phrase.

The only other changes I made were to the phone number on the website to make sure that it matched our verified GMB phone number and had a google map added to our contact us page next to our address (same one on our GMB as well).

Additionally built about 3 high quality citations last night. Other than phone number, google map, 3 citations and AdWords (and a couple no index/notollow landing pages) there’s been no activity related to the website.

Suddenly today I’m on page 3 for my bread and butter search term (edit: Not in the Top 100!!!). Is there any way my sudden AdWords difficulties for this phrase could be related to my sudden drop in rankings? My first thought when I started having AdWords issues for this term was a big new competitor had come in to my market but that certainly wouldn’t explain <del>a drop to page 3 out of nowhere</del> being de-indexed!!

Does anything I just said ring alarm bells? Is there any recent update I haven’t heard of that might’ve triggered this? I saw that mozcast has been stormy recently so there must be something up. Any thoughts? Much appreciated.

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BigGigantic13 2 years ago

Probably hasn't been great but also hasn't been too different than recently. Would a no follow/no indexed landing page's stats contribute to overall website ranking? I wouldn't think so but maybe the bounce rate or time on site for landing pages setup this way still have an impact? Or because its no index and no follow it won't?

BigGigantic13 2 years ago

Thanks a lot. I checked and there are no manual actions listed. I almost wish there had been so I'd at least be able to figure out what is spooking Google. Still shooting in the dark right now. I will look into Analytics as well when I get home from work. Thanks!

BigGigantic13 2 years ago

Definitely will do! But I only created like 2 or 3 profiles and it was the night before this happened. I definitely hear what you're saying but is it really realistic that even if it was a problem, that it would take effect that quickly?

FalkirkVanHire 2 years ago

If you've got analytics on your site, have a look to see when the drop happened then cross reference that to the latest Penguin/Panda updates and see if there is any correlation. Hopefully not, but it'll let you know if you've been hit by a Google algorithm or not. It's worthwhile checking your Search Console too for manual actions just for the sake of it. Fingers crossed for you buddy it's not a penalty but I can't think of any other reason for such a plummet. Usually if ranking are falling, the kinda creep down they rarely just hit the deck.

hotgrandma 2 years ago

How has your user engagement been? Have you noticed a drop in conversion % or have you had any drops in other key metrics like time on site, pages/session, bounce rate increases or anything else before the search engine/adwords issue?

hfbadvertising 2 years ago

If you build to many at once it will have an impact. Take a break in citation building for a few weeks and see what happens. Google likes natural link building when others share your information not you placing links on websites for ranking.

BigGigantic13 2 years ago

Well the thing is, it really didn't have any links to begin with from what I could see. This is something I'm helping a friend with but from what I could see in Search Console, there was very little and there's still very little. Edit: Strike that. I just chose show 100 results per page in Google and the website did not come up at all. We got de-indexed apparently and I have no idea how that could've happened.

JustinDeTorres 2 years ago

Check if your site lost links.

BigGigantic13 2 years ago

Good question and thanks for the advice. I will take a look but I dont believe there should be any changes. Building decent citations shouldnt have possibly caused any issues could it? Certainly not that fast anyway even if they were low quality right (which they werent)?

DanielODonnell 2 years ago

Have you completed any link building in the past 3 weeks? Or has anything changed to your link portfolio (ie, did you have a killer link someplace that has recently fallen off). Look closely at your link portfolio and I bet you will find the answer. Good luck!

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