Just curious to know how many of you here have hired an agency to do SEO for you?

I just want to know if this group comprises mainly of SEOs doing SEO themselves on their own website and for others.. Or if this groups is mainly comprising of people who have outsourced their SEO to someone else.

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PP_Coke 2 years ago

So would you say the person managing the blog should also be sitting in the SEO chair or is it better to have more than one team member involved?

111987 2 years ago

Yeah that's just not true. Sure, there are lots of crappy agencies out there. But the good agencies can do way more than any freelancer because they have access to better tools, better writers, better connections, etc.

DanielODonnell 2 years ago

I am also tired of people calling me asking if I have a $300 a month plan. NO... if you have a $300 a month budget, SEO is the least of your worries. There is very little marketing impact that can be expected for that price. Chances are, you will do more harm than good. Part of why people saying "Do it yourself" is because they have been burned by hiring some guy from India who built them social bookmarking links for $100 a month and they are shocked that they didn't rise in ranking. If you don't have $2500+ to really do things right, don't blame the SEO company... blame yourself! You get what you pay for.

DanielODonnell 2 years ago

I love how everyone thinks that they can "do it themselves". I spend 3 hours every morning trying to figure out what Google changed the day before and hundreds of hours researching and testing backlinks, going to seminars, researching copy attributes, negotiating for links... yeah just do it yourself with your normal 9-5 job. Get your data from Reddit and a few Blog posts... you can be successful in just 10 mins a day. :) It's easy!

demolition_control 2 years ago

Youre getting downvoted, but this is largely true. And not only are you throwing money away, but also its easier to damage your firms search ranking than it is to boost it. Your hiring a firm that Google actively seeks to thwart. So the tactics that positively rank for SEO today will negatively rank tomorrow. Good SEO requires a lot of work that can only be done by the company itself or a specialist that understands the companys industry. Find an agency whose primary focus is not SEO and this will go a long way.

palimadra 2 years ago

SEO is a complex business. Regular communication between the agency and business owners is essential. If that is not happening then things will fall apart. At times I'm surprised that there is very little communication and yet results are expected. The onus of regular communication is both on the agency and business owners. Take the time to evaluate whether a SEO agency is a good fit or not.

NorthernPowderhouse 2 years ago

False. I work for an agency, we've managed to successfully launch a client's brand new website and then improve their conversion rate by 22% on top of improving rankings for their head terms to first page. We get them an incredible ROI based on their retainer and relative to other channels such as Display, Social and PPC. Don't tar everyone with the same brush.

deepak387 2 years ago

Never hire an agency. Its better you hire a resource on your own and closely monitor all his activities. Outsourcing SEO to agency is just like simply throwing money away.

arjunrajkumar 2 years ago

Thanks! Can I send you a message regarding this? Looking for more feedback.

jP_ 2 years ago

Yes but make sure you understand what they are doing and monitor closely. Set goals and re-evaluate constantly.

krichwilson 2 years ago

What's your strategy for attaining quality backlinks?

demolition_control 2 years ago

I would never hire someone to do it, because its full of so many idiots whose tactics will ruin your ranking. Hire a writer to run your website and blog who understands your industry and who can put out content that your industry is interested in. Identify niches that you company fills.

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