Jobs from all the most popular remote & online job boards in one place

I created a job aggregator website https://ditchtheoffice.co which automatically lists all of the remote & online jobs from all of the most popular job boards.

At the moment it lists all jobs that are listed as 100% remote from these job boards:

Part/full time boards:

FlexJobs Simply Hired Jobspresso Stackoverflow Virtual Vocations We Work Remotely Working Nomads Remote.co

Also, we have an option to search freelance jobs on these sites (haven’t got Upwork yet, waiting for API access):

Freelancer Guru People Per Hour

I’m looking to keep adding more job sites as soon as possible, if you have any favourite sites that you want listed let me know and I’ll see if I can get them added!

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iamjide91 2 years ago

Thanks for making life a whole lot more easier.

sukmeoffnekstation 2 years ago

Haha thanks!

sukmeoffnekstation 2 years ago

Not at the moment, this might be a bit difficult to implement.

sukmeoffnekstation 2 years ago

Haha I know the feels! Good luck with everything, if it goes south then I hope you can find some success on my site!

sukmeoffnekstation 2 years ago

Thanks! Next step is to have daily/weekly email notifications so you can keep up to date on the new jobs without needing to visit our site each day!

sukmeoffnekstation 2 years ago

Thanks for your feedback! The categories part is the MOST RIDICULOUS amount of work you can ever imagine haha, but it's also the most important part of the website. Doesn't matter how many jobs are listed if you can't actually find the correct ones for your skills. My goal is to have the categories set up as you suggested but it's going to take plenty of time to get there, the issue is that every job board uses a different set of categories for their jobs, and listing purely based on keywords does not work very well. I hope we can get this solved :) Thanks for the feedback!

hyacinth_girl 2 years ago

I love you, OP. I'm on a razor's edge at my regular job. I'm doing appen and I love it, but if I get fired then I need a new job pronto. And for reasons I'd greatly prefer it to be work from home. Having this resource makes me feel a bit more secure.

allthingseverywhere 2 years ago

I did this for myself. I put it up on curatedjobs.spirofloropoulos.com but never had time to polish it. Pulled from over 20 different sources. Might have been 40. Was tailored to programmers. Keep up the good work. This is a great site.

brokemember 2 years ago

Saving to look at later.

archaeo-nemesis 2 years ago

THANK YOU! Just today, I wished there was an easier way for me to track remote job postings, and this is perfect.

debian420 2 years ago

Hey, this looks really slick! Nice job! (really slick!) You might want to consider a bit more diversity in the categories? For instance, I do software but I don't know the first thing about the web =) On the other hand, maybe keywords filtering makes it workable. Oh! That's a thought. So maybe some sort of interface where instead of choosing a single category you can sort of click a bunch of checkboxes or tags? (I'm positively horrible at user interface but you're not and hopefully you get the idea?) That would be a lot easier than clicking on "Web/Software IT" then iterating through C, C++, Perl, then going back to "Engineering & Architecture & Math" and doing the same? I have to make a bunch of clicks back and forth before I see the result set I want. (also I second the request to filter sites) But wow! Looks awesome!

MortallyHolyRunaway 2 years ago

Is there way to filter jobs by experience level? It would be great if there were entry-level categories.

sukmeoffnekstation 2 years ago

It's in the pipeline, it's quite a difficult feature to add in but we hope to have it ready within a few weeks.

wcavoli 2 years ago

Is there a filter to search jobs internationally available? Might be useful for people from outside the US.

sukmeoffnekstation 2 years ago

I just received feedback from someone else with that exact suggestion. I will be looking at adding this feature in the next few days. Thanks for the feedback!

inceptivecss 2 years ago

One feature that would be extremely useful is a way to filter which sites results come from. Certain sites require memberships to see all of the posting information, and it would be nice to exclude those from the results entirely.

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