Jobs for a young teen?

Looking for something so I can help parents pay the bills.

Some of my good qualities are:

*I'm good at persuasion

*Fairly good at writing

*Have a lot of time on my hands

*Not afraid to talk to people

*Very good at anything that has to do with social media

*Hopefully very good at selling myself with this post haha

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ProcrastimusPrime 2 years ago

Do not go to Walmart. Worst job I've ever had and I worked construction. They also pay well under a living wage and don't respect you. Also the people that shop there are the worst. Try and find an office job. File clerk or something. There's also skyeng and appen

Zerg3rr 2 years ago

Everything on here is a good suggestion from what I see, you could also look into learning how to make websites or other programs which you could then sell to people, its certainly the long way around but its something to think about

Math-Code-Love 2 years ago

Get a job at Wal-Mart or working fast food. As alluring as the idea of working online may be, you won't make nearly enough money and you won't have any concrete experience to list down the road.

ms640 2 years ago

I've heard people on this sub don't like Rev, but I just got accepted and I want to see what I can do with it. It's a transcription job, with no required hours or age. I'm around your age too.

VeroVindictus 2 years ago

Turning 16 this September and I want to have a job planned already so I won't be in a rush searching for one. Just me thinking ahead.

TheMissInformed 2 years ago

What's your age? We have to start there to narrow down the opportunities available for you.

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