Job recommendations for a newbie?

So to start off I don't have any online work experience. I do have a Bachelors degree, I have an unpredictable schedule most of the time (my kids have medical conditions that require lots of doctors appts, pt, ot, etc). I have no idea where to start as far as looking for online entry level work I would be qualified for, I have office & managerial skill sets for the most part. Any recommendations of types of jobs you would recommend or companies you would recommend for a complete newbie like me would be greatly appreciated.

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rainypnwforlife 1 year ago

this seems pretty good, idk if i can do the late night hrs but if theres Pacific Standard daytime availability it would be perfect, I'll still give it a go and see ty!

rainypnwforlife 1 year ago

ty for your thorough post, it looks like there would be some good fits for me here so Im going to give some of them a shot

Quickprepper 1 year ago

When I read your question I am already getting some websites in my mind for you. The following are your requirements, Flexible schedule Nothing technical (design, development) The below websites are a perfect match for you because they do not need any technical skills. Each of them would have guidelines to do the job and as long as you follow them, you are good to go. I will throw in many options, I request you test each of them so that you can create a portfolio of websites which is suitable to you. Some of the job roles require you to take qualifications, while some are straight sign up and start working type. I have atleast worked once for the below mentioned websites and have received payments from them which is why I am recommending them. So here are my suggestions! Appen Social Media Evaluator : This is the first in the list because it is the simplest and the pay is decent. However, they have a process which you have to follow and it isn't sign up and work types. I have explained the process on my blog so I will not go further about it in this answer. You can read my Appen guide [here] Lionbridge/ Raterlabs : This is another website and they are popular for providing 'search engine evaluator jobs'. Getting into it is a bit tricky because they have a three step qualification process(unpaid), if you get through it you can make a decent amount with this and the work is flexible. However, High quality has to be maintained. There will be guidelines given to you and you are expected to follow it strictly while taking the qualification and while doing the actual work.This blog [post] helped me a lot in understanding some important aspects about the exam. So the above two have a qualification process and only after passing it you can start working. The guidelines they provide is more than sufficient to pass the exams if you put in some time. Appen SME is very easy compared to search engine eval which is why there is slight pay difference. You can apply for both. Below are sign up and start kind of websites except for clickworker. Mturk : This is an amazon website were there will be small work units called as hits. They may be image categorization, Data categorization, research and surveys. It may be overwhelming when you begin which is why I recommend you to read this [post] , it helped me a lot in understanding the nuances of the platform. Clickworker/UHRS : UHRS is a microsoft owned platform and they have partnered with clickworker and provide similar tasks like Mturk. The earning potential is more here because it is focused only on hits and they are paid well if you can get a hang of it. For more info refer this [guide] on the sidebar. There are more options available, I advice you to try these first and then come back with the results. If it works out then you do not need to look for other options as of now, if it doesn't come back here and we will be happy to help. I hope this info will be useful to you, if you have any specific queries feel free to comment here or PM me. Disclaimer : Only the Appen article is my blog post, Remaining are posts which I found useful during my testing and hence I have included the same.

rainypnwforlife 1 year ago

ty! I'll check it out

pascalleeos 1 year ago

http://ratracerebellion.com/ This is the go-to site for remote leads with a variety of companies. You can spend some time clicking around and see what might interest you. They post everything from things that can make you quick side-cash to actual paid work, though sometimes those leads will require either experience or a degree. So read the information carefully! But RRR never posts anything that isn't legitimate.

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