Is Web marketing for dummies(2009) still relevant today?

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logoamarketing 2 years ago

Well for dummies or not there are people who are making millions and there are people who are failures. Depends from which angle you look at it. The bottom line is even if a dummy makes a million he is still called as a millionaire :)

ajsimmons 2 years ago

If you're absolutely new to online marketing I would suggest you would still give it a read. I believe it can still serve you as a backbone. As a next step you may research the internet on further tips.

macktastick 2 years ago

It's likely missing some very large changes in the industry. First that comes to mind is the shift from publisher-direct display advertising to networks (DSPs, etc.). Likely a huge whiff on the role of mobile, too.

JonODonovan 2 years ago

2009? Probably not the best, as far as being up-to-date with digital marketing, buuut with that said, there is probably enough of a foundation to give you a starting point for a few ideas that you can use for newer research. This is all I could find for the 2009 version - https://books.google.com/books?id=SPtZYDAvGBwC

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