Is there money to be made in Google Data Studio ?

I've recently become the Google Data Studio reference in my agency building various Dashboards for all kind of clients.

While currently being offered for free, I've overheard management talking about charging for these dashboards in the near future.

I, obviously won't be getting a huge share (if any) from these, so I was wondering if there is money to be made building dashboards for advertisers to help them better understand their PPC results and to better monitor their campaigns.

Are advertisers willing to pay money for this service ? Does it add a true value to their work or is it just a cool perk to have ? If so, how would you guys find clients to sell this to ?

Many thanks.

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DmytroBilash 2 years ago

Hi! I'm sure that it's a cool business. My agency hired guys like you to create cool dashboards for our client who wants to be aware of everything and get up-to-date information without any inquiries to our company. Also, I think you should consider http://tableau.com as one of your tools. Tableau is really popular among huge enterprises. So, go on. Good luck.

[deleted] 2 years ago

Honestly data studio is so easy you shouldn't even think about turning it into your business model.

TTFV 2 years ago

Most clients expect any/all reporting to be included in management fees. I suppose if you have an enterprise level client that wants a range of custom dashboards/reports, you could charge them for it. In addition, there may be some DIYs that want to better reporting than platforms offer natively. I suppose it could work, but I'm not sure you could make that much doing it. But I wouldn't try pitching this to a small business that's already your PPC client.

dambil 2 years ago

The lackness of executive summary might be a problem in that case I suppose.

ericb0 2 years ago

I've actually been considering this as well. For existing clients, I think it can act as great "perceived value" and a way to differentiate yourself. We all have clients who don't care to read through data and it's just easier to be oooh and ahhh with the visuals of GSD. But I wouldn't sell it to an existing client per se. It's just a great tool to make the client-vendor relationship easier. I think you can,however, make extra cash by pitching a sexy dashboard service like this to busy execs, small non technical marketing depts, or small business clients who don't want or need PPC. I'm not so sure you can make a full time living doing this. If people can freelance offering Google Sheet dashboard services then I don't see why you can't do it with this. I know it's not as robust as say Tableau or some of the other BI products, but GSD can serve a niche for the above mentioned.

haltingpoint 2 years ago

I've built endless dashboards and been an end user for them as well as a key decision maker for a BI tool purchase. A good dashboard is one where you don't care where it lives because the underlying tool is invisible and you only focus on the data. But even then you may not need it super frequently. So clients might appreciate it, but they won't constantly be reminded of it's value and thus,I wouldn't charge for it. I would expect anyone I hire to provide reporting as part of the fee. Instead, focus on the internal value you add. Figure out the cost of the time for employees to build reports and update them on an ongoing basis. It will likely be considerable. Then figure out how much you are saving the agency in reporting time that can be used on strategy or other higher margin activities. If pretty charts help win more business, that's a bonus. That savings is what you should focus on. And I'm saying this as someone who has spent considerable time automating agency team reports and negotiated client contracts and dealt with billable rates and employee margins.

fathom53 2 years ago

Some might. Depends on how and what the client pays you for. I think pure analytics firms can get paid for this work. If clients pay you to run marketing campaigns, maybe not as much because you need the graphs and data to show you are making them money. It's a by product of your success.

slackersremorse 2 years ago

Clients and most decision makers dont get the value in this. This is an opportunity, but only if you have the resources to educate them on how to utilize the data to better exploit the things it shows. Based on my personal experience working with startups/businesses/agencies I think there is too much work in convincing others of its value. My pivot has been to begin utilizing the obvious gap in reacting to data to help my clients, and develop owned properties in various niches. Honestly...people just ignore their data and they can get away with it because most digital properties are under-optimized.

eric-louis 2 years ago

I dont think its something clients will pay for on a one off basis but it is something that can add value to an existing relationship or could be a slight upcharge. It can definitely make the agency/client relationship more sticky as if the client leaves they dont get the dashboard. For me I like doing all my reporting with it.

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