Is there a way to check iTunes Gift Card balance without redeeming?

I attempted to sell an iTunes Gift Card on GCX but the buyer never sent me the payment and now isn't answering my messages. Is there a way to check the balance of the gift card without redeeeming? I still want to sell i but I don't know if the person redeeemed it or not.

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dennycopen 2 years ago

I just called Apple. It was redeemed on Saturday.

caretodeal 2 years ago

Yes. PM me the code. I will tell ya its value.

dennycopen 2 years ago

Thanks for the help. I'll try those options. I'm not much of an Apple/iTunes user also. I was hoping to sell the gift card to get my son an early Christmas gift because I don't have much use for an iTunes gift card.

roads30 2 years ago

probably not very helpful..but, google search 1 and google search 2 both seem to cater towards the physical cards, but one of the answers did leave the number for apple itself. not really an itunes user, so that's the best i could muster.

Sphincone 2 years ago

I don't think so. Maybe contact Apple they can tell if a code is redeemed or not. But you might have to provide receipt to prove you're the owner. Also how long has it been since the trading? I've checked your profile and looks like your post was removed due to some rule. How did you find the guy to trade with?

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