Is there a cheaper alternative to Ahrefs service?

Specifically, I need the part where it tells you everything (all the words and queries) a certain URL is ranking for.

Ahrefs $99/month service didn't offer that. The one they offer that I used to have access to is waaaaaay more expensive and therefore outta my league.

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dudeinseo 2 years ago

Try Linkody.

techyseo 2 years ago

If you have Google Analytics access you can check out 'All Pages' Report, and use 'keyword' as a secondary dimension. As with Search Console a lot of data is going to be hidden... SEMRush is good for the money that you pay

pedrotski 2 years ago

Check out SERPed.net This is something I have been using for a while. Has ALOT of features.

Himanshuthakur619 2 years ago

You can use seoprofiler.org. It will help you to analyse any website in very sort time.

onemananswerfactory 2 years ago

I can pay $100/month if I can enter a URL and it automatically tells me every keyword I'm ranking for like Ahrefs does.

theeastcoastwest 2 years ago

Semrush shows a more complete list, rather than the top 20 on ahrefs. In my opinion, off hrefs lifted that limit, they'd have the no-brainer choice between semrush and their intro plans. I'm sure they have their reasons, but it makes little sense to me to have such a limit in place. /rant Semrush is boss for what you're looking for but will still run you 100 big ones.

onemananswerfactory 2 years ago

Thanks. IIRC, Ahrefs simply told me any and all KW my URL ranked for without me ever entering my desired KW list. Search Console does this as well?

Joetunn 2 years ago

Search Console covers this somewhat. Use the filter interface or utilize the api. That way you can pull most of the ranking keywords for each page.

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