Is social media dying overall?

So I've been noticing lately that less and less people are active on social media; facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc. It's weird how much time people spend on their phones but don't actually engage in anything on these platforms, so it makes it very difficult for people like me to use them as a market for their business. Does anybody know why this might be happening? And where people like me could go to market the products?

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im1ru12 1 year ago

It's not clear if it's really dying since it evolves so fast. Part of me wishes that it would though. Social media is habit-forming and a source of great influence on our lives. Considering the amount of room it occupies in society, its value is remarkably superficial. Research is now showing how detrimental social media is on people's mental health, not to mention all that screen time that robs us of potentially healthier pastimes. The Black Mirror TV series certainly got me thinking!

zilliamson 2 years ago

Definitely not dying

nishant-rawat 2 years ago

I don't think it is dying, it is just changing. Personally I think social media will never die until people doesn't wants to connect with each other which seems like impossible. The way might change and probably will change but it is not going to die.

rsaloust 2 years ago

Social media isn't dying overall. Your target audience may just now be utilizing one platform more than they used to. For example, I used to really love Pinterest, but I got bored with it. Now, I'm all about Instagram because it encourages me to be creative. I want to produce better and better photos and videos to engage my audience. On the other hand, Pinterest has just become this place where I see all the projects I still haven't completed are and all the destinations I have yet to travel to. I'd see where your audience is hanging out and do some social media listening. What are they talking about? What are their pain points? What questions do they have? Then, tailor your posts, ads, etc. so that they offer solutions to your audience's problems. Also, remember that timing is everything, so do some A/B testing to see when your audience takes notice of what you produce.

TheMacMan 2 years ago

It's not dying at all. Just evolving and changing in how we use it. It's become so ingrained in our society that we notice it less.

ReneRivers 2 years ago

so for now the only people who engage in my posts and stuff are my original followers that ive had for years, and it seems that not even half of them are active on social media any more. so i guess i need to target a new demographic, but the ig ads and fb ads arent doing as much as they should be doing. do you have any suggestions on how to reach a new market a new demographic?

RavekaDOTcom 2 years ago

Social media is in full swing and it will never stop. People like staying connected. If you aren't getting the return you expect then you need to analyze what you're doing wrong. Is it your designs? Are you targeting the wrong demographic? A lot goes into effective marketing and you have to dig deep to find how to make the most of it.

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