Is SmartRevenue/Shopper Surveys a scam?

A month ago I received an e-mail for a survey from SmartRevenue. It said I could do a survey and get an Amazon $40 gift card. I went to Best Buy, completed the survey while there, took a couple pictures, then did the follow up survey at home. I got an e-mail confirming they received my stuff and I would be paid by 9/15.

I e-mailed them 9/16. I got a reply 9/17 saying their payment system was having an issue but it would be fixed soon. That was a week ago. I e-mailed again to follow up and I’m waiting for a response.

I think I got signed up with them through a post or something on here, but I can’t find anything. Is this a scam? Has anyone been paid from them?

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JPeanut18 1 year ago

How do you access the member forum?

pkwebb1 1 year ago

I did one just yesterday at a Dollar General for $30. I did the screener from a post on Coolworkideas Member's Forum without knowing who the company was. I am not concerned, as the sites administrator only posts valid studies.

BradleyB636 1 year ago

Thanks for letting me know. Im not in a rush to get paid and I can be patient, I was just worried I was waiting for a payment that wouldnt happen.

_theadvent 1 year ago

They are not a scam. I have received amazon cards from SmartRevenue in the past.

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